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Application site will open December 14th
Upperclassmen Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to students who are currently in their first, second or third year of college. Scholarship funds are to be used for the student’s continued study in the following academic year. The number of scholarships and amounts awarded will be determined at the discretion of the Foundation.

Students who graduated from RHS, RHHS, or New Tech High School during the past three years and who received a community scholarship upon graduation are, by invitation, eligible to apply. Criteria for selection include financial need, scholastic record, character, work experience, and campus and community involvement.

Applicants must submit a current college transcript with a full class history of grades (including fall semester of the current academic year), a high school transcript, and a signed signature page in addition to an online application. Electronic submission of documents is preferred since official/sealed transcripts are not required.

Important and time-sensitive updates will be posted on Facebook (Buck Foundation). Join us to receive automatic updates, or check the page frequently to stay abreast of any pertinent information and reminders related to the application process.

Applicants bear responsibility for carefully reading all information and following all instructions posted on this site and on the Buck Foundation Facebook Page. Furthermore, applicants will be held accountable for any irregularity with their application resulting from a failure to do so.

Pride Scholarships

Pride Scholarships honor one graduating senior from RHS and one graduating senior from RHHS annually. Each scholarship is renewable and has a total value of $32,000.

Recipients must demonstrate outstanding school and community involvement and be deemed future community leaders. They must be solid students, but those whose income level or academic achievement does not qualify them for other significant financial assistance. Recipients must attend a 4-year college or university.

The foundation requires a short, creative submission which expresses the applicant’s appreciation of his school and/or community.A three-minute DVD, CD, or Power Point presentation will be accepted in lieu of a paper submission. New Tech students may apply to the high school within their attendance area.

Applications will be disqualified under the following conditions:
  • A project requires more than 5 minutes for review.
  • A project weights more than two pounds, and/or is difficult, fragile or bulky to transport or store.
  • The application and/or project contain blatant grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Digitial media projects are not user-friendly and are not operable on various types of equipment or media software.
  • An applicant has been disciplined by, expelled or suspended from his school.

Rogers New Tech High School Achievement Scholarship

The Buck Foundation will honor one graduating senior annually with a $2,000 award. Each scholarship is renewable and has a total value of $8,000.

Discretionary Scholarships

Discretionary Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the foundation in recognition of general merit. Recipients may be current high school and/or college students. The number of scholarships and amount of awards varies.

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Important Dates
  • Applications open December 14th at noon.
  • Applications close Noon on January 5th at noon.
  • Interviews Held February 10th
  • Pride Interviews: RHS November 9th, morning.
  • Pride Interviews: Heritage November 9th, morning.