About the Buck Foundation

The Buck Foundation was founded in 2001 and strives to serve the needs of children and families in the Northwest region of Arkansas. Grants may include, but are not limited to: Education, Recreation, Crisis Intervention, Health and General Welfare.

The primary focus of the Foundation is to help meet the financial needs of college students by awarding scholarships to students from Rogers Heritage High School, Rogers High School, and New Tech High School in Rogers, Arkansas.

Pride scholarships are open to High School seniors from RHHS, and RHS. Upperclassmen scholarship applications are offered by invitation to students from RHHS, RHS, and New Tech High School who received a community-based scholarship upon graduation. Eligible students must have graduated from high school within the past three years of the application deadline. One student from New Tech High School will receive a scholarship of $2,00 annually for a total of $8,000.

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Important Dates
  • Applications open December 14th at noon.
  • Applications close Noon on January 5th at noon.
  • Interviews Held February 10th
  • Pride Interviews: RHS November 9th, morning.
  • Pride Interviews: Heritage November 9th, morning.