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On Monday August 23, 2021, the Buck Foundation announced that applicants for financial aid in the ’22-’23 academic year must submit proof of full Covid-19 vaccination and any appropriate boosters pursuant to CDC guidelines at the time.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has placed added challenges on our educational system. Science shows that vaccinated individuals are less likely to develop serious illness which could interfere with a student’s ability to successfully complete a college semester. With student achievement in mind, the Buck Foundation has chosen to invest in those who have mitigated their risk by vaccination.

Some have concerns and are displeased with the Buck Foundation vaccine policy, and we fully understand. Making hard choices is not unusual for us as we historically select, from a large pool of qualified applicants, between 55 and 60 students to join our Buck Foundation Scholars family each year. The vaccine policy, though, is perhaps the most difficult choice we have made in over 20 years of serving the Rogers community.

We are a small family-based organization, and we created the Buck Foundation to return into the community what it has given us. Rogers provided our family opportunities to thrive, and the fiscal ability to share those blessings through the scholarship program and through community grants. Since its founding in 2000, our family has been privileged to fund over 1000 scholarships.

The Buck Foundation has a passion for education and as we explored financial aid needs, we saw that Rogers students required more opportunities to receive a college education. There are many options for students to receive financial aid based on academic performance, but there is very little opportunity for those students who may fall just below academic requirements. Those students may display, though, a passion and understanding for the importance of civic and community responsibility which are traits we strive to nurture and encourage.

All people should be free to express their thoughts and passions and, further, we encourage them to do so. In no way do we intend to punish students who opt out of vaccination, but this choice is counter to the traits we adhere to for our scholarship recipients. We ask that our choices also be respected, as a private non-profit family foundation whose goal is to serve the citizens of Rogers.

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